what matters.
Our traditional means of evaluating student growth and performance are lacking and, quite simply, outdated.

Working together, bulb & ESSDACK are bringing digital portfolios to every student, teacher and school administrator throughout the state.
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With bulb Digital Portfolios you can:

  • Collect evidence of learning (embed images, videos, documents, audio and more)

  • Demonstrate growth, reflection and goals

  • Showcase skills, mastery, achievements and passions

  • Prepare students for college and career

Measure what matters. Give your students a digital portfolio for life, empowering them to build a body of work in and beyond the classroom.
Parents and teachers support job or career skills classes even if it means students may spend less time in academic classes. 

Increase in demand for workers with all types of technical skills in the next decade. 

Adults who say that standardized tests do not measure what’s really important. 

Graduating seniors who are prepared for what is happening on the higher education frontier. 

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What makes bulb Digital Portfolios unique?